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Consider the Role of Yang Tai Chi Chuan And Its Impact In The Arena Of Weight Loss and Fitness Improvement

Consider the Role of Yang Tai Chi Chuan And Its Impact In The Arena Of Weight Loss and Fitness Improvement

Adrian Dorsey

The graceful, carefully structured movements of Yang tai chi are often regarded for the softness which one exhibits while flowing from one posture to the next like a stream that never ends but is continually in motion. The lack of rigidity is the benefit of this martial art which some misunderstand as weakness because they consider that strength must rest in the hardness of harsh effort.
Practiced for literally thousands of years the health benefits of tai chi withstand the scrutiny of modern science and medicine as one of the most effective forms of exercise that has survived antiquity.

Tai chi manages to utilize 96% of the muscles groups throughout the entire body while swimming only activates something like 60%.
Millions of people around the world practice Yang tai chi daily using the movements and subtle energy to keep their bodies agile and strong while bringing harmony and balance to their emotional and spiritual well being due to its ability to decompress from the rigors of daily stress, including post traumatic stress disorder!

Where does the weight loss come into play? I personally burn around 300 calories an hour doing Yang Tai Chi and that is what you want when it comes to losing excess weight.
Regardless of age whether you are young or old or in the middle. No matter what your physical capabilities or limitations Yang tai chi can help to improve that condition with daily consistent effort as it emphasizes technique over strength, but DO NOT underestimate tai chi's ability to improve strength! 
I admire the freedom of tai chi because once you have learned the form, it can be practiced anywhere taking as little as 15 to 20 minutes. No equipment is necessary!
I have done Yang tai chi while waiting for my car to be fixed, and in the lobby while waiting for a family member to get out of the doctor's office. I really like to pick a nice park anywhere and just do my form delighting in the connection to nature which Yang tai chi provides.
The softness of Yang tai chi is not to be underestimated as weakness because it is in no way lacking in strength or the power to rehabilitate as my own personal story will attest.

Yang tai chi had given me a new pair of legs!

Eleven years ago I was headed for a wheel chair with a degrading lower spinal injury that also resulted in torn ligaments in my inner hips and nerve damage down my left leg. For years I could not walk a hundred feet without pain and swelling. Yang tai chi helped me rebuild my legs from the ground up over an excruciating two years. It was actually eighteen months into the Yang tai chi program that I realized that I was pain free.

Yang tai chi restructured my weakened and damaged legs making me incredibly stronger over time.
If your legs are already strong then Yang tai chi will make them stronger.
If you have a disability in any limb then with time and effort will improve.
Yang tai chi is one of the only forms of exercise with thousands of years of credibility backing it up into antiquity for the quantifiable ability to hold back the hands of time keeping the body and mind young.
Yang tai chi is maintained as one of the only definitive efficient health systems capable of maintaining the longevity of the human being, as well as emotional and spiritual harmony in the midst of the chaos of stressful daily lives.
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